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Repairing our image

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1Repairing our image Empty Repairing our image on Wed 14 Oct 2009, 4:37 pm


This forum always was a fun place to be.. And clean.

Fun to be in, and respected. A place where we talked about baseball, sports in general, were welcoming to new posters.

But over the past year, that reality, our mission with our board has gon by the wayside. When members started.. Well.. Let's just say sports talk in the chat fell, thread useage stopped fully, and "Other stuff" started.

It got to a point I didn't want to even look at my own forum, and I created the now failed TTNEPT2..

Well.. as of TODAY, October 14th 2009, we will return to the way things used to be. We will talk about the upcoming LCS's, among other thhings. Get ready TTNEPT Sports fans, Because the forum is coming back into our hands.

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